Zeus, the crown prince of Agrain, has a strange illness – Whatever injuries he suffers in his dream are for real!

In order to escape reality and forget the pain, he always wanders everywhere in an intoxicated state with an ale-skin. Circumstances force him to face the worst fear of his life – Survive through the day without drinking and bear the injuries from his dreams.

While Zeus fights with his own inner demons, he recollects a strange memory from his childhood that compels him to set out in search of a mystery man…


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Diamond is a twenty six years old young lad hailing from Chandigarh, a very beautiful city.

He is a man of I.T by education but sorcerer by passion. He nearly skimmed himself from I.T to be a sorcerer.

He realised that by becoming a writer he can become a sorcerer who could fast forward or rewind or even stop the revolving globe with just his pen’s tip.